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  1. "Sweaty palms after a good 10man" flavor
  2. Christmas is the GOAT Been saving up for cymbals to add to my set ?
  3. Alcoholic: Weed Non-alcoholic: Sprite Tropic Berry
  4. I've gone on multiple acid trips and have come to the conclusion that we are all just one big boy.
  5. Hey boys finally got moved into the new house. Unfortunately I won’t have internet until the 13th so I’ll still be inactive until then. Just a heads up so nobody thinks I died or something. This mean I’ll be just as bad as Danny when it comes to Tinmans. See ya soon.
  6. MeowMix


    Hey guys, you probably notice I'm more active during the weekends. My job sometimes requires that I travel to various locations so I'm not always able to play during the weekdays. My girlfriend and I are also moving to a new house in the coming week. So, if I am very inactive at least you now know why. Also wanted to tell you guys that I love this community and plan to stay for a long time. #2011
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    +1 coherent with the rules and is an old fag. Seems to be on at odd hours when some staff are not so that's always good.
  8. I'm currently 23 and I graduated this past Spring with a degree in Business Management. Currently working just to pay bills until I find what I want as a career. Also, I play gigs as a drummer on the side to earn extra cash.