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Loading Screen Simulator Review

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Game Name: Loading Screen Simulator


Time Spent: about 20 hours

Recommendation: Y

Rating: 8.Loading/10

Initial Thoughts: When I saw this game on the store page of steam for free, I thought, hey this looks like a decent meme. Let's download it. It surpassed decent, I'd say.

Gameplay: It operates like a standard clicker game, where you click a button for money while a program loads on your Shindows™ computer. With that money, you can buy things such as upgrades and fun little distractions as you wait for your program to load. You can also upgrade your Internet speed and OS to make it slightly faster.

Backstory: You decided to install a program. Great. Now you're here, waiting.

Achievements: If you enjoy achievements, you'll have a field day with this one. There is an achievement for every upgrade's purchase, every download milestone, and some for the other fun things you can find.

Pros: Fun and a good timewaster, with lots of pop culture references. You can also cheat easily and use an autoclicker.

Cons: A clicker game, which can sometimes get boring. It also counts as a steam game, meaning you can't just run it in the background with tf2 or csgo up.

Final Thoughts: It's goofy and fun, while being chock full of jokes and references. If you want to waste some time downloading something just like you would for steam, go ahead and play Loading Screen Simulator.



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