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    Your profile reputation is horrible. You have more negative reps than posts.
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    I love you all at least 40% of the time
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    xG Charity Fundraiser

    Hey everyone! @Aegean and I are hosting a charity raffle for a chronic illness called Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E); a life changing disability that turns simple everyday tasks into a marathon. M.E leaves a person constantly fatigued and in devastating pain. Some days, you'll be lying in bed all day, barely able to move, limbs feeling like they're twisting in ways they shouldn't. On a good day, you can walk to the kitchen and back, but that will be all you can do for the day. Unfortunately, my girlfriend suffers with this illness quite severely and is wheelchair bound, can barely attend social events and struggles to make her way to school. There is currently no cure. Despite all of this, she always has the brightest smile on her face and always stays positive, no matter how difficult coping with this horrible illness can be. She has a passive passion for art and is a fantastic musician that will bring tears to the eyes of even the manliest. As a bunch of people who donated do not wish to take a part in the raffle, we will donate the raffle prize amounts to the charity as well, and invest in more giveaways in xG throughout 2019! *Edited by Aegean* The charity in question is called the M.E Association, which aids people suffering with this chronic illness by providing support, raising awareness and researching into one day finding a cure. ME Association WWW.MEASSOCIATION.ORG.UK If you would like to donate, please click on the link above and donate. After donating please message me with a screenshot or post the receipt in this thread so we can figure out the total amount of money raised! Thank you everyone!
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    +1 really active, knows the rules, can be toxic but he is fair when he takes warden. The only bad thing that I could think of him getting mod is like @Sodium getting really mad.
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    In-Game Name lot_of_mos Division Counter-Strike Previous Member No Identity https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198213090049 Age 16 Previously Banned No Time Active on Servers 58 hours Reason for Joining I play jb a lot and I want to get involved so that I can help more (like unspecific rules)
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    Camping But Not in Secrets

    Running and hiding for over half the round is delaying. What are you trying to say anyway i'm pretty sure other people have said the same things.
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    Biscuits - Counter-Strike

    +1 because he has a radical name and cool brain and he’s pretty humane especially on jailbreak we’re he always stays sane! m:8 a:5 “Include maturity and activity ratings on a scale from 1 - 10.” End quote. “ better go change it.” Said everyone else.
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    I don't think you're as pushy and as bad as you were before from what I've seen in discord chats. Hoping that you won't get denied for member and disappear for a bit again but it's cool to see you for I think the 5th time now?
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    Give me downvotes

    @Lottamos Me and @XpertMeleee Got you!
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    I'm not saying I've had a change of heart or anything just gonna try to not be as much of a piece of shit lol (I don't blame you if you hate me for making this lmao)
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