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    Your profile reputation is horrible. You have more negative reps than posts.
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    I love you all at least 40% of the time
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    delfino airstrip, nimbusland, and pretty much any other map that favors one team over the other and encourages sniper hell. I have zero patience for those shitty maps. Also delivery. That map is not good, those who say otherwise are either people saying for the meme or people with negative iq
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    Look, I'm sure many of us appreciate the apologies you've been posting, and it's not necassarily a bad thing to apologize, but you need to know that we're here for you, apology or not. I remember messaging you a while back that if you ever needed ANYTHING come to me if you wanted to, that still stands true, and I'm sure many people here feel the same way. One last thing, keep your head held high. You realized the mistakes you made and you are willing to improve upon them, in my eyes that means a hell of a lot. I do hope your situation gets better, best of luck with everything and I await to see what kind of future you will have here at xG.
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    In-Game Name lot_of_mos Division Counter-Strike Previous Member No Identity https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198213090049 Age 16 Previously Banned No Time Active on Servers 58 hours Reason for Joining I play jb a lot and I want to get involved so that I can help more (like unspecific rules)
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    Camping But Not in Secrets

    Running and hiding for over half the round is delaying. What are you trying to say anyway i'm pretty sure other people have said the same things.
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    Biscuits - Counter-Strike

    +1 because he has a radical name and cool brain and he’s pretty humane especially on jailbreak we’re he always stays sane! m:8 a:5 “Include maturity and activity ratings on a scale from 1 - 10.” End quote. “ better go change it.” Said everyone else.
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    I don't think you're as pushy and as bad as you were before from what I've seen in discord chats. Hoping that you won't get denied for member and disappear for a bit again but it's cool to see you for I think the 5th time now?
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    Give me downvotes

    @Lottamos Me and @XpertMeleee Got you!
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    I'm not saying I've had a change of heart or anything just gonna try to not be as much of a piece of shit lol (I don't blame you if you hate me for making this lmao)
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