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    Mordeau Server

    I'm sorry to say it, but Mordhau will be dead just as quickly as the next. Opening a xG server for a game that will literally be dead in less than a couple of weeks might be a little dumb. Let it settle for a while, a month or two, if Mordhau stays populated than hell yeah, open up a server on Mordhau; but for right now, it's looking like it'll go down just like chivarly. Fun looking game, but not enough people will put enough time into it.
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    I've lost 70+ pounds in 6 months and all it took was cutting out all eating outside of an eight hour window daily, cutting out all liquids besides water, and averaging 6 miles of treadmill cardio a day. You know, easy minor life adjustments. (You know I still blow dro tho bro)
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    Gonna object your comment @Chrono, just because someone else was warned does not mean @LemonVolt does not deserve a warning, especially if he was not there for the warning issued onto Red himself. On top of this, this is one of the few ban protests where I truly feel he understood the ramifications of his objects, and does find what he himself did was stupid. I'm gonna go ahead and unban, he was already punished for a few weeks, he knows not to do it again, as is the point of our non-perm bans. ~Closed
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    congrats lol

    congrats to @Valyrihme for being the first(?) 1 mil point holder on tf2 servers lol stop getting banned for micspam
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    Screenshot by Gyazo GYAZO.COM @DepressedNeonNepp fuck u
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    unlike reds original he actually legitimately put the last 30-45 minutes in a condensed 2-3 sentences Also before endgame came out we had a spoiler pin in movies tv where it is discussed about got And I updated it to include endgame/other movies I pinned my message on Thursday 4/25 a few hours before I went to the endgame premiere because I went to lunch first at like 130. And his was after it had been pinned. I pinned that before 1pm pacific which is 4 east so before they saw it for reference he posted his spoiler very shortly after reds spoiler so he definitely should have seen @virr warning in the chat. Since I saw the ban virr did before his spoiler of massive proportions. all of this was copy pasted from my responses in a communication between discord staff/higher ups about the ban. personally i believe you post your spoilers with the textbook definition of trolling, to get a negative riled up response out of people. I also have no doubts that this is not the first nor the last of this kind of behavior from yourself. especially because you haven't really taken this ban protest seriously going as far as to basically tell someone who also made a protest for a ban for the same thing to fuck off out of your thread. with that in mind, i would give a -1 based on your attitude and the fact that i don't think the trolling behavior is in any way shape or form reformed or remorsed about.
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    Thank you for your patriotism
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    CN 5/4 - Wrapup & Next CN

    For a short and sweet thread, the Tabletop Simulator Community Night went very well. After lasting over 4 hours and then being ended by a crash, we played a small but very enjoyable selection of games. I'll definitely be hosting more of these in the future, as both I and others had a ton of fun. Thank you to everyone who attended! Stay tuned for the next CN of 5/25, which'll be an xG Golf It Night.
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    Mordeau Server

    If population wise was stable enough I think itd be awesome to have a mordhau server, love the game!
  10. 1 point

    Mordeau Server

    please i dont have the money for this
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    Mordeau Server

    I love the game. I've been literally playing it nonstop over the weekend and had an absolute blast. I must admit though, the community servers are good, but it's not something where people come back to the same server again and again. Not to mention, the game has only just suddenly gained lots of attention and I think it'd be best to keep it mind, but wait to see if the game's popularity remains consistent. It would be fantastic idea to have a Mordhau role for discord, however and maybe even a Community Night?
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    I have team banned so many people idek who this is to be honest. But uhhh don't use the excuse of We all have very bad days, doesn't mean you go out your way to ruin others. Neutral for now until I can find and remember the reason for my ban against you and i'll change my decision.
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    Need help sort of.

    I really don't want to gravedig, but there are multiple maps where the soccer fields offer multiple balls alongside damage done to players hit by the balls. Doing some sort of day where the object of the game is to kill other ts with the ball would be cool, with credit prizes. It could be done in heats, where the people are split into groups and then the top few of each go on and so on. It could be a really fun event imo.
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    Lvl21DrugDealer - Counter-Strike

    No, because you technically can't prove that they're messing with you. If you think that they're messing with you, by all means, force them to play a game while your CTs (not you) rebel hunt. You just can't shoot them simply because they're maybe messing with you.
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    Want To Get Unbanned?

    Steam Community :: spare chooche STEAMCOMMUNITY.COM No information given.
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    -1 only because you still think it was "funny" to spoil a movie that alot of people were hyped for (including me). +1 for unban challenge tho.
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    Panda - Counter-Strike

    Division Counter-Strike Offenders In-Game Name Panda Offender's Identity link: 76561198394243400 Ban Type Team Ban Explanation and Evidence https://www.dropbox.com/s/qq7o3jf2g4v4z07/panda.dem?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/pokvuij60h911iz/panda_2.dem?dl=0 Both demos showclear malintent, disregard for the rules, and a terrible attitude for being a guard. Examples: "Dukey i did drop down cause i wanted you to get LR and I knew you would win. Well the Admins on now so i'm just gonna give freedays." Anyway, just watch the demos. While he did not do anything explicitly warranting a ct ban, I think a week of break could make him think twice before doing the same things. Many people learn the rules while being toxic and once they know them can turn into untouchable Hitlers as warden.(example: drugdealer) I think a ban here can stop that from happening to Panda. Thx for your consideration. (also the bad grammar is cause my forums was buggy and i couldn't fix it)
  18. 1 point

    Act of Respect

    Thank you, all of you, for the past 2 years. Cheers.
  19. 1 point

    Promotions and Demotions #223

    @SegFault I’m inactive and all my niggas dying left and right bruh. Did kamaal snitch on u??!?? in a serious note tho, you’re the dude who actually would stick up for me in the past and I hope that u comeback in the future cause you were a good ass dl. Wtf how come all the crazy shit happens when I’m dead.
  20. 1 point
    @SegFault I see you and I are in the same boat now. ONE OF US ONE OF US @Lithium good job, guy.
  21. 1 point

    xG Meetup Chicago???

    i didn't know we started spelling California like that.
  22. 0 points

    Mordeau Server

    it took me five hours to realize what my brain did in that sentence
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    Lvl21DrugDealer - Counter-Strike

    In-Game Name Lvl 21DrugDealer Primary Division Counter-Strike Previous Member No Profile http://steamcommunity.com/id/Lvl21DrugDealer Age 15 Previously Banned Yes Time Active on Servers every othe Reason for Joining My time active is every other day for the whole time unless i'm busy or am pissed off. I want to join because i know the rules fairly well, while i'm not perfect and people hate me for being toxic even though i have turned it down a little bit, and i want to be able to tell people rules without them saying that i break so many rules even though i don't. One day i want to be admin just so i can help out since i play quite often on this server.
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    xG Golf It Night #2 - 5/25

    I feel like shoe games are what keep people from playing, so for the sake of CN's, no shoe games.
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    Mordeau Server

    What the in the FUCK is "Mordeau"
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    congrats lol

    Hey I saw that person on pokemon
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    +1 Twitter MOBILE.TWITTER.COM The Russo brothers, co-directors of Avengers: Endgame lifted the ban on spoilers for the movie on May 6th. Shouldn't the ban on the player be lifted as well?
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    If you tell someone to bloodhound and they just play games then you should be able to kill them, shouldn't you?
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    Fuck no whoever +1 is a straight up goof -1
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    🤡 🤡 🤡

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    we all make mistakes brother, what you do after that matters, stick around, handle the punishment and bounce back, I'm the prime example of what you can do after a ban, just do what I've done better.
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    please evaporate
  33. 0 points
    Who are you again?
  34. -1 points
    i have idea. Here u go @SegFault The butter cream gang!!!! ha ha ha I love it. Ok, let me start this brief review by stating that I have not seen this movie for about 12 years so I am going to write it from the perspective of my younger self. This movie tells a story of four kids who start a gang in the name of good called, "The butter Cream Gang". This gang does not slang drugs, hurt others, or cause any kind of of trouble what so ever. They instead help those in need, volunteer they're time in the name of good, and live a life of morality. One day, one member of the gang has to move away and ends up in a real gang and becomes corrupt and troubled....how tragic right. He eventually returns home and the original Butter Cream Gang embraces him. Sadly he brought the real gang mentality with him and begins to trouble the town and more specifically the original gang he was once apart of. The whole movie is then a telling of how the Butter Creamers deal with they're long lost members antics and how good overcomes evil....so to speak. Look, nobody is going to ever go find this movie and watch it because in all reality in was never intended for anyone beyond the age of 12. I'm writing this review because I remember watching it as a young kid and relating. This movie deals with the whole bully issue head on and growing up I hated bullies!!! So, I watched this movie and felt inspired to deal with my own adolescent demons ha ha. This is funny as shit to write because I 'm quite sure if I were to watch this movie today I would laugh my ass off at how cheesy and low budget it really is, but as I child I felt inspired by this movie to be better. So.....should you ever read this review (doubtful) and have kids over the age of 7 and under the age of 13,(even more doubtful) then go find this movie and let them watch. They will like it cuz they are to innocent to know how messed up the world really is and if this movie does one thing its to tell the young ones that doing the next right thing really does matter. Now, for all you adults who will never watch this movie.....don't. Cuz you and your inability to digress from life experience with make a fool of this humble yet nice attempt to promote good. DID YOU KNOW? The ButterCream Gang was formed several decades prior to the storyline during the war. The local women were left unable to churn butter with their men gone. A group of boys began going around town to help them do this (hence the name) and other chores. Over the years, the group expanded to four members and eventually came to do all sorts of helpful things for the locals. See?..this movie derived from history!! Who knew.
  35. -1 points
    I logged on to dab on @SegFault's grave. legit though I forgot xG existed till one of my friends sent me this, I might actually come back to surf once summer starts, with seg being gone and all. Huge congrats to my bb's @-Diphikult and @Meaty, yall give me hope for the future. On a side not, while I was writing this I made a mistake and went back to add a letter I forgot, only for it to ONLY FUCKING HIGHLIGHT, WHY WOULD IT DO THAT? IT DOESNT DO THIS ON OTHER WEBSITES! (fr tho i had to re-write the whole thing, kinda annoying but nothing big)
  36. -1 points


    It doesn't matter that everyone should have seen it by now. It's the experience as they see it.
  37. -1 points

    Last comment wins

    Can you stop you aren't funny
  38. -1 points


    Just do a unban challenge. no point in asking for mercy when you were rightfully banned and there is a supported way to resolve it.
  39. -1 points

    Lvl21DrugDealer - Counter-Strike

    Although improvement is a great way to judge someone’s maturity and qualifications for member, going from out of this world toxic to extremely toxic is not good. Bro you brag about how toxic you are and how much fun it is for you to be toxic and ruin people’s fun. No way in hell I’d +1 this app. So what if you know the rules. Just cause you don’t break the jailbreak rules doesn’t mean that your qualified for member. Maybe like let the t’s do something that’s fun instead of farming points for yourself. +1 to getting your points reset so that you stop farming them -1 to member a:10 m:2
  40. -2 points

    Last comment wins

    Some people take jokes seriously.
  41. -3 points
    Congrats @Meaty, and @-Diphikult Regarding seg, oh boy... Look, I never hated or disliked you while you clearly disliked me. I still thought you were doing well at your job as a dl until I saw this, and I have to say, I'm a bit disappointed in you. I thought you were better than that. I hope you do well and you have my highest regards. Goodbye, I hope to see you in the future. ~Nepp
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