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    Sooo here we are, I'll start this off by explaining myself a little bit.  Long story short, I had some irl plans that would have taken a considerable amount of time and effort which would lead to me not having really any time to play anything so I stepped down, along with me overworking myself and getting burnt out, second guessing myself, etc etc .  Well, those irl circumstances have changed and what I had planned isn't even possible for me anymore and I've got even more time than I did before now so here we are.

    Talked to @Tekage, he said it may be a good idea to just post one of these to get some people's opinions on me getting staff again. 

    Chose Admin as the rank to apply for largely considering past experience and how long I've been here, I'd consider myself to be mature and able enough to handle it even though I've just recently returned.  I don't expect to get any sort of rank right away but I'm just putting this out there to make it known I'll be around and interested in staff. ?

    @mrnutty12 @Kypari @SegFault @Tekage









  • I have read the staff submission rules and meet the requirements for the division I'm applying for.
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