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  1. Arnude


    +1 on day ban. Chief has quite the history of doing such things, and it gets quite old. I wasn't available at the time it was happening sadly, I'm glad people do demo this stuff. @Johny3Tears @Kypari
  2. Arnude


    -1 Toxic, annoys players, harasses others. Sorry about your disorders I guess. Keep working towards it.
  3. Arnude


    I'm sure some people here love a good book, like me. I love Shakesphere and other old timey authours. What do you guys like to read, and would you suggest it?
  4. Arnude


    I want to give a +1, but I'm with Kypari. I'd like to see more activity. You most certainly do follow rules, or from what I've seen. (Btw sorry about the divorce.)
  5. Arnude


    Deko gets excited when I show up. But he is there when I'm not sometimes.
  6. Arnude


    Yay! Smelly boy Spoopy is back
  7. Arnude


    +1 Deko is an enjoyment in the server, and I sincerely mean that. He's helpful, respectful, listens to rules, and above all, is just a nice guy. I highly recommend this boy becomes a member, stat. A:9 M:9
  8. Arnude

    Selling Spells

    @Kypari OP asked to have this closed.
  9. Arnude

    Deko's Introduction

  10. Arnude


    +1 Can we just get like, a million +1's here, because Cookie is awesome. Extremely helpful, fun to be around, always listening and following rules. Still unsure of gender tho smh
  11. Arnude

    Trade Server Map Request

    https://gamebanana.com/maps/190145 (Trade_justplay_b3) Solid map I've played many times in the past. Only thing I think you could consider an issue with it is that there is a DJ room. Overall though, it's a good map.
  12. Arnude


    +1 I know Tuna well, he was one of the first people to introduce me to this community. He did good in the past, and seeing how he is recently, I think he'll do good now. Also glad to see your finally getting back into play my boy.
  13. Arnude


    Probably me.
  14. Arnude


    -1 I'm gonna have to agree with Elcark. You're very quick to call people out, and how you exactly respond to it. It's better to be more respectful and responsive of players, rather than jump to rash actions and words. You have very odd activity and I personally don't believe it's enough.
  15. Arnude

    Geektopuss (the amazing team

    +1 Semi-Active, friendly. Been on the servers for a while. A:8 M:8
  16. Arnude


    +1 Knows the rules, is active, helpful and is very respectful, that's what I like to see.
  17. Arnude


    -1 Sorry mate, I've heard some of the things you've said on the server, and quite frankly, I'm not a fan of them. Perhaps change it up a bit, be mature and try again?
  18. Arnude

    It's time

    Gonna miss you Boner. Good luck my guy. Hope to see you again.
  19. You stink if you hate spaghetti. FACT

    1. Dannypicacho


      you do at least agree that some spaghetti sucks right like flavourless spaghetti

  20. Arnude

    Populate jailbreak?

    Summer is here, we can populate it. We got it.
  21. Arnude


    We can play Chicken with traffic.
  22. Arnude


    Glad to see your back, I hope your family is coping well my friend.
  23. Arnude


    What 3T said, but I do think it would be crucial to know a bit more about it.
  24. Arnude


    -1 My first encounter with you was quite... unsatisfactory. Not just that, it was quite poor how you were acting and treating some others, I hope you can improve upon that. A:6 M:4