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    Ok, so I did the dance challenge if it’s way too cringe because it is. I will redo it. B614E535-2658-4C38-BE32-D575DF3553EA.MOV
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    Halloween Costumes?

    Kypari and I on a regular day at the pub (Ky left, me right) Kypari and I on Halloween (Kypari left, me right)
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    @Caleb956 and I were on Surf when TAOW went on an alt and started using slurs and being generally toxic, of which we banned him for a month. OP was then eventually permed for multiple bans on trolling. It is sad to see a regular get permed and I've personally never had anything against you. However, according to your ban history, you have had a serious history of trolling and being generally toxic. Clearly, there is no improvement to be shown as you have been banned multiple times for very similar issues. Despite that, I don't see any harm in giving a second chance. Like with the Brian ban protest, there's no harm in giving a final chance and if the OP makes the same mistakes, the ban will be more permanent. +1 for unban. TAOW has apologized and see no harm in giving an extra chance. The two months or so he's been permed, he's bound to have learned something. Should he step out of line AT ALL, perm on sight.
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    A taunt command

    I personally completely disagree with the addition of any kind of command that gives you in game items that other people have had to pay for. People have spent countless hours, pounds/dollars/whatever to obtain some of these TF2 items. The very definition of a massive middle finger is to add free item commands.There's a server I've been on a few times when xG isn't populated and they have a command that can give you Australiums, Unusuals, taunts, etc, to use on their server, yet it is the number one thing that turns me away from playing there. Not to mention that the taunt command is a feature of being a donator. Making perks that people have previously paid for into perks that anyone could have is a big no zone because people have, once again, paid real life money in order to get these perks (or just to straight up support the clan). Making these perks into regular player commands would highly encourage players to think twice about donating as they would be constantly under the fear that the perks they have paid for would end up as a regular player perk. Massive -1 from me.
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    You got banned for arguing with staff but he could have muted you is your response? that is out right stupid, staff arnt baby sitters you broke rules were punished twice then came back and fought with them over it then got banned i see nothing wrong here, 24 hours is a bit much but knowing its you and this is normal, from what i have seen of you, the 24 hours is totally justified.
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    Life pro tip: Don't be bigoted. My heart goes out to all my people injured and killed last night in the Pittsburgh Synagogue shooting and the officers who lost their lives to stop it.
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    I did not say medication cured my ADHD, you can overcome it and I did because I trained myself not to be jumping everywhere. Wanna know how? All I did was sit down in a chair, for 5 minutes. So im sorry if you misheard me that was my mistake, I hope this clear it up.
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    you ever just feel like uttering some kind of incoherent shit that no one else understands? that basically is me 24/7
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    General_Beret - Team Fortress 2

    I think this is more than enough reason to be concerned, whether or not they are taken as a joke or not, if there's a member making racist, sexist, etc jokes then it's not going to leave a good mark for the clan at all. This ties in with my above point, if you don't care about membership in the first place then how can we be sure that you won't abuse our trust if we did end up giving you member and spew out all sorts of defamatory comments just as an example. This sentence that I quoted seals the deal for me personally, I just can't be confident enough giving you any sort of positive vouch until we see you actually care about membership. I've seen a lot of people say membership doesn't matter, and it doesn't have any authority, well. The fact of the matter, is that members are the ones that build this community, higherups may add things or remove things, or adjust as requested, and the staff team as a whole enforces the rules put in place and tries their best to make the servers a fun and enjoyable place to be, but otherwise most of what is done is completely the communities decision as an entirety(votes, etc). Members are also the biggest group that represents the clan as a whole, so when people wonder what xG is, you are the one that is really showing who and what we are, and poor behaviour, negativity can only lead one to believe that the entire clan is that way, even if it really isn't. I can agree that he holds his opinion even if people hate on him for it, however that could be avoided entirely if that opinion was voiced more calmly and less aggressively. This has already been elaborated on by several others, but it's worth noting that in a situation like this, when a word is clearly provoking someone and making them upset, there comes a point when it's time to stop using the word, especially when it's being used just to bug them. You also note that Segger sounds nothing like the N word, and yet it's clearly the message you are trying to get across that it IS when it's used in such context. To put it short, respect eachother and realize when you've gone too far, I would expect you especially to know this @FrostyBoiGrim . You're membership application has been denied, feel free to reapply in a month.
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    No Nut November

    Inside joke UwU (no homo)
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