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  1. Talked to Shku, it will be added to the current clocktown instead of being its own map. Still just as cool though
  2. People are bored of the same shit. We've been on the less popular maps like clickclock lately that used to be mega popular years ago and the server actually not only got populated on that map but actually maintained that population too. We need to start going to the less common maps and populate them if we want TGH to not die from everyone's boredom. The same shit gets boring when everything is so quiet and intense on aquatic and you get shunned for talking. Yeah other servers can stay on just one map but we can't when we have pubstompers destroying everyone on the same map and people are shunned for wanting to go to others
  3. I actually really want to try a 10man one time for real, everyone seems a lot more chill in cs
  4. You got permed for doxxing people's phone numbers what the fuck do you mean LMAO Xeno Gamers BANS.XENOGAMERS.COM
  5. This. It bothers me so much when people say shit like "it's just a game" or "it's just the internet". People still have fucking feelings, we're all real people behind real screens.
  6. I don't care too much about the things that you said to me because at the end of the day I said some shit to you too but I've always felt like no matter what happens in higherup chat or xG related stuff we will still be good friends. Love you dude
  7. Kypari

    Its cold

    I'm hearing all these freezing temperatures and I'm the same as Tekage, I think -6 Celsius is as bad as it usually gets in the UK but Christ. Stay safe
  8. Kypari Level 34 Even though I'm from Europe I still default to NA servers
  9. I haven't watched tv in a very long time but I used to love TMNT as a kid so I would probably say that. In terms of anime, I love Tokyo Ghoul and Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni the most I would say
  10. After talking to various people, family and friends, I have decided that I am actually going to stay as a Division Manager. This community means far too much to me and I know I can work all of this out with the right help, I just have to get back on track again. Truth be told, I actually started declining really bad all the way back in early October when I stopped going to counseling and I haven't had an appointment since. Instead of stepping down, I am going to schedule my counseling again, visit the doctors and perhaps a nutritionist. If I get put on anti-depressants I may have to take a break for a few weeks so I can get used to them but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. Thank you for all of the support guys, I genuinely love you all so much
  11. It's about time I put an end to this era: I'm stepping down to member. Going to keep this short and bitter. My mental health has deteriorated to a point of where I have been starving myself and much worse - the stress that comes from you sexy bunch is just too much and has been for a while but I've tried to suppress it. Nothing personal I promise. I will actively be trying to avoid xG soon in hopes that I can get better. Sorry, I love you guys. Peace. P.S - You guys better give @Caleb956 DM this upcoming promo/demo, the man is a legend and really wants to make a difference