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Panda - Counter-Strike

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  • Division
  • Offenders In-Game Name
  • Offender's Identity
    link: 76561198394243400
  • Ban Type
    Team Ban
  • Explanation and Evidence

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/qq7o3jf2g4v4z07/panda.dem?dl=0     https://www.dropbox.com/s/pokvuij60h911iz/panda_2.dem?dl=0

    Both demos showclear malintent, disregard for the rules, and a terrible attitude for being a guard. Examples: "Dukey i did drop down cause i wanted you to get LR and I knew you would win. Well the Admins on now so i'm just gonna give freedays." Anyway, just watch the demos. While he did not do anything explicitly warranting a ct ban, I think a week of break could make him think twice before doing the same things. Many people learn the rules while being toxic and once they know them can turn into untouchable Hitlers as warden.(example: drugdealer) I think a ban here can stop that from happening to Panda. Thx for your consideration. (also the bad grammar is cause my forums was buggy and i couldn't fix it)

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