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    May I get more hate plz?

    Meme or not, this isnt funny in the slighest. Please use your brain next time. I should ban you. ~closed
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    xG Quote Collection

    And I quote - "Fuck off you fat ape, go swim in a lake full of bananas and go drown yourself you fat dirty ape." - Mr. Gladiator in response to my comment on his post that is now closed by virr. Tbh virr you should of banned him @virr
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    Golf It Division

    Ladies and gentlemens! I've had the best idea for a new division! the GOLF IT division. I reckon we have plenty players and we need to put law and order! Starting such a division would require a DL. I agree to that position and will make johngalt DM! I may or may not be drunk, but yall needa make this a thing @virr @Aegean @LeToucan
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    The xG RPG

    village idiot
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    May I get more hate plz?

    I didn't ask for any of this
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    be back

    thanks I got a 97 in math
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    Nice flannel shirt ? -closed
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    be back

    good luck with your exams
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    you actually fell for this good job you gave him more rep and attention
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    Golf It Division

    Ez +1
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