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On TF2's Pop Events & Their Future

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After a back and forth discussion lasting several weeks between myself and @Tekk, as well as other higherups, we've come to the conclusions necessary to make several decisions, as listed below:

Firstly, there is now a TF2 server pop role on discord thanks to @virr (and a few weeks of pestering),  so feel free to use that at your leisure rather than waiting for pop events! 

Second, in order to refine the previously random and loose schedule to Pop Events, we've also decided the following:

  • Population Events will take place every Monday.
    • Population Events will now offer more meaningful rewards once per month as part of a rare and randomly decided giveaway, such as a modified donor rank, custom title vouchers, and a title exclusive to the rare giveaways mentioned. 

Lastly, there will soon be updates to the structure of the TF2 servers in order to strengthen their population, as well as increase the enjoyment for those who play on our servers. 

Tekage or myself will be willing to answer any questions or comments, etc. below.

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