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Zobesi - Team Fortress 2

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    Be water, my friend.
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    Team Fortress 2
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    Well, I'm pretty active on TF2, and spend quite some time in the surfing community. I'm relatively reasonable so I can determine if somebody needs to be banned or not. I'm not too fast to pull the trigger of the ban. I would also be a good addition to helping new players to surf if they need it. I know I don't have much time, but I really have put a lot of time in the surfing community. I hope I could become a good member of the XG community and give those lawbreakers the L A W.

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Just to clarify, applying for member does not give you moderator, admin or any staff position. Being a member means you are officially part of the community, represent our clan with the tag and have a chance to be given moderator in each promo demo. There are multiple different perks to being member too, such as being able to vouch for other players to become member, apply for staff and be considered for staff.

Here is a link to the staff application guide. PLEASE read through the guidelines as we've had so many people apply without being eligible for staff 


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