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Feel Like I Owe An Explanation

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What's FUCKING good boys

In case you're (somehow) not aware, I've stepped down. This is as a result of many things, none of which are excuses.

For one, I've been extremely busy with life. I now work, go to university, have a social life and Rosa. We've recently made a massive discovery and found out exactly what is wrong with Rosa. As a result of simply a random nurse saying "You have similar symptoms to ____", we've discovered that Rosa was infact MISDIAGNOSED with M.E has chronic lymes disease (long lasting untreated lyme's disease, Lyme's Disease symptoms are similar to M.E) and has done since she was 11-12. It's rendered her immune system completely faulty and that common cold is still having a party in her body. Lots of these have progressed into something more serious, such as diseases that can often make her go paralysed in some limbs.

However, the fantastic news is that this is treatable and curable, with an up to 80% recovery possible.

It's been very difficult helping her prepare for the treatment but we're hoping for her to be possibly walking properly in 2 years time. It's going to be a very long journey, which is why I must accept that I can't remain as DL and leave the boys hanging. My passion and time to play TF2 has ran quite slim, due to multiple reasons (tf2 dead lol) and with all of this stuff going on around me, I didn't really have the time to play even if I wanted to. Timezones are also a bitch. I haven't touched the game in months and I realised after being messaged by @hongkongatron that I was holding onto something that I wasn't doing anymore, kinda like a gym membership, but it was making things worse for the people I would consider friends. So here we are.


I would like to say one thing though.

Community Managers, Community Leaders, whoever,

If someone doesn't touch the game they're supposed to be the leader of. Or even worse, not even touch the discord in a few months,

Please demote them. It only holds everyone else back.


I should've stepped down earlier and I apologize for that, no excuses.


much love to the boys speak soon❤️

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