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Dang brady you will be missed.

Everyone is stepping down ); F

22 minutes ago, Jadow said:

Haha I'm fat

Haha you're fat

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On 1/28/2019 at 12:55 PM, Brady1780 said:

Yeah... I haven't been enjoying our servers as much as I used to atm. I haven't been as active as I feel I should be and yeah. Ill still be active on discord n shit but I wont be mod ?

Shit man, I hope we still #bradiator man. I shall complete the order that I cast upon on myself and I will continue my friend, I will miss you but “thou thy learn the truth of a mighty person coming to xG maybe. so, the show must go on and the actors say preform it’s act of you can catch my drift. Fair well old friend.


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