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Assassin's Creed: Odyssey

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This game, Assassin's Creed Odyssey, is a PS4-XBox game made by Ubisoft. In the game itself, I've spent around 4 days on it, sitting in awe every second of the way. I'd totally recommend you play this game if you're an open world fanatic of games like me. I'd rate this game 10/10, anyday. If your a fanatic, you will probably never get off it until you complete every quest, it'll never get old because of the new experiences along the way of your huge journey. In the game, you are a god-like mercenary in the form of a man, who is given the nickname "Eagle Bearer", because of your eagle given to you by Zeus. You have two gender choices, a male and female, each with gender-specific voicelines, but neither choice affects the quests in any way. It is just like any other assassin's creed game, but the concept of assassinating people is different. You have the option later in the game to fight with a spear, sword, heavy blunt, heavy bladed, or staff. It's completely based around 420 BE, in the Peloponessian War, where Leonidas and his 300 men defeated the Persian Army, defending the pass to Sparta. Your character is a descendent of him, making your character widely known in general, aside from what happens in the beginning(which I won't spoil for people who might get it). This game has absolutely amazing graphics, that looks almost real in some ways, like water and land details. The ship combat in it is flawless; ramming mechanisms, arrow mechanisms, and javelin mechanisms are flawless. But, in the game, you will experience on accident, fighting level 30 people while you are level 2, making it literally impossible to get where you need to go sometimes. You have to senselessly grind to progress in the story, which isn't a problem for me, but most people wouldn't appreciate the fact having to take big gaps from chapter to chapter. In the end, this game is fantastic for people who love open world games, people who enjoy a story, people who enjoy real character depth, and people who enjoy graphical content. It is realistic, and has many people tied around its finger. I absolutely recommend that you buy this game.

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